Friday, February 12, 2010

Y'All Are Such Good Decorators!

Since I started this blog about a year ago, I discovered that I have a great love of the Southern style of decorating.

It is a very specific style - French Country with some Traditional elements sprinkled in, and lots and lots of "Panache", "Whimsy", "Hospitality", "Glamour" - depending on which blog you read.

When I find a good Southern blog, I tend to get wrapped up in them for hours. I go through each and every post and take in all of the color, fabrics, prints, florals and toile -oh yes, lots and lots of toile.

And don't forget the tassels.

Southern women seem to love tassels and have them hanging on everything - candles, lamps, furniture, doorknobs.

I just can't seem to get enough of these blogs.

And without question, these are some of the sweetest women I've had the pleasure of meeting.

Case in point. As I was snowed in this week, I had lots of time to blog - reading, posting, catching up, following, etc. You can bet I did my happy dance when I found a blog with all of its Southern goodness that sang to my heart. Have you been to Kim's blog over at Savvy Southern Style yet? If you haven't you just have no idea what you are missing. This woman is talented with a capital "T"! In addition to sharing the same first name, we also share a love of landscaping. She has a gorgeous yard surrounding her beautiful home. Inside, it's everything I love about Southern style. I'm so glad to have met Kim and to be following her blog. She is full of goodness, inside and out. So please go over for a visit and tell her I sent ya!

Have a great weekend!


kim said...

OMG Kim, what a wonderful post. I am so flattered and humbled by this. You just don't know. I have always loved to decorate and so glad I found blog land. So many nice women and you are certainly tops in my list....Kim

Debbie said...

Hi Kim, this is a great post, and ever so true! Kim and I met on RMS and have been friends since!~ She is an awesome woman and has a beautiful home to share. We both have started our blogging venture and have inspired one another so much in the process!!~ You are so kind to have featured her:) see you soon...Debbie

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I'm not a southern gal, but I do love toile, maybe even a little too that possible?

Beth in NC said...

I'll have to go over and check her out. Of course, all of those beautiful decorations will make me realize what I'm lacking.


Crystal said...

Hi Kim, I too have a love for the way those sothern ladies decorate. This is probably the decorating style I lean toward myself. I was born in PA, but my grandmother was born and raised in NC. So all of her family is still down in NC. I grew up visiting them a lot.
I am definitely going to go check out her blog.
Have a great weekend.

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Kim, First of all I visited the blog you mentioned and I love it! She did a fabulous job with her dining room. Also, I looked at your previous posts and your artwork is just beautiful, I can't believe how cheap you got alot of it...LUCKY! Love the bird with the red background, we had that in the shop I used to work and it was really expensive. I remember because I couldn't afford it at wholesale! Hang on to that one. The piece you refinished turned out beautiful too...what a find! You have really scored on some wonderful pieces!! I hope you are digging out of all that snow by now. Happy Valentine's Day! Kristen

xinex said...

Love all these, Kim. Looks like we have the same style in decor...Christine

Jemsmom said...

Hello there!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You are too sweet!

Isn't Savvy Kim awesome! I love everything she does! I "met" her and Debbie on RMS and they were the ones who inspired me to get my blog going. Right now I am focusing on our Germany trip so I can print a book from Blog2Print and then I am on to the fun stuff!

Your blog is beautiful and so are you! What a great picture of you! We just moved into our home and so I am in the beginning of decorating all over. I just has my house in Michigan the way I wanted it and I have had a lot of trouble envisioning my new home so I may be joining the decorating dilemma blog!

Your pieces are just beautiful. That hutch is to die for! You have a beautiful touch with your decorating. Can't wait to see more!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Stacey said...

How did I miss this post? I love Southern Style too. It's classic and fun at the same time. Do you get Southern Living?