Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Larkspur Interiors

Spring has finally arrived here in South Jersey!  Today the temps are expected to be in the high 70's!!  WooHoo!!!

If you are new to my blog you may not know that I have a business with my BFF and business partner Denise called Larkspur Interiors.  We both live on Larkspur Circle, hence the name.  We do shows and have a booth at a local antique store, affectionately called "The Barn".    We have been adding some Springiness to our booth and I thought I'd share some pix with you!

Denise and her husband Tom made this beautiful French Country bench out of an old headboard and footboard.

We just redid the mantle and gave it more of a Colonial look with the addition of the shelf.

This display was put together using a CD storage ladder I got at a yardsale and re-purposed.

Can't you just see this bench on a front porch?  I love it.

We recently added a second space to our booth that we call "The Shabby Corner".  It's my favorite spot to decorate, and sometimes I just wanna move right in!

If you are ever in the area and looking for a great place for antiquing, you will love the Barn.  It's called Antiques Only (But Not Only Antiques), in Turnersville, NJ.  It's a huge place with lots of different booths all offering one-of-a-kind pieces old and new.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulicious day!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Color Me Happy

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter.  We started the day at Church enjoying an amazing Easter Cantata by the Choir, then spent the rest of the day with family and friends, eating, sharing and laughing.   It was a bit overwhelming for Cole.  Holidays and large gatherings can be difficult for those with Autism.

April is Autism Awareness Month.  Since learning that Cole is Autistic my world has gotten alot more colorful!  My sweet precious baby makes me smile every day.  I've been striving to make our home a place where he feels safe and happy.  In the Family Room I've been moving things around (yet again!) and finally came up with a configuration that we all like, especially Cole.  He doesn't like big open spaces.  I moved the furniture closer together and he just loves it.  And I love how much cozier it feels in here now.

Of course one thing leads to another when you start moving things around.  A week ago, I posted (here) about two new pieces of furniture that I added to this room, and that quickly they are both gone!  That's just how I roll.  Now one is in my booth for sale and the other is in the basement.  For now...

A few months ago we brought a bookcase to the Barn to sell and it just wasn't moving, so I got the idea to use it in my Family Room.  I'm learning that when you buy and sell furniture for a living, you tend to swap things out a lot.  It's hard to resist the temptation.

Here it is in my booth:

And now in my house:

I won the little footstool at an auction a couple weeks ago and painted it coral.

Then brought in my Decor Steals ladder to display some of my more colorful quilts.

The lampshade and floral pillow are from Target.  Have ya been there lately???  They just keep bringing in more and more great stuff.   And their Clearance section is the bomb-diggity!!

I love this table in the corner of the room.  It's great for using the laptop and will make a great place for Cole to color when he gets older.

Before I sign off I want to share something that happened to me last week.  I have a nosy neighbor that I try to avoid as much as possible.  Well the other day she called on a number I didn't recognize.  I reluctantly talked to her for a short while when she started asking questions about Cole and his Autism. The conversation came to an abrupt end when she asked me if I would have had my son if I knew he was going to be Autistic.  In my state of hurt and anger I vented about it on Facebook and the response I got was overwhelming.  People I haven't heard from since High School reached out.  Others that I didn't even know that well sent personal messages of support.  I was touched more than you could possibly know.   Why am I telling you this?  Sometimes it just feels like we only hear about the bad things that happen.  It's important to remember that there is more good in the world than evil.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulicious day!

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