Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekly Craig's List Series #3

This was a banner week on Craig's List.  I made a record 3 purchases of my own in fact.  Doing this series has been so much fun for me.  As a savvy CL afficionado (sp?), I am constantly looking for new and interesting pieces for clients and now I get to take what I've learned and share that expertise with you.  And I use that term loosely.  I am far from an expert, but I can sniff a bargain from a mile away.

When I first introduced the idea of doing a weekly series, I learned that many of you are either unfamiliar with Craig's List or are hesitant to try it.  But what many people don't know is that Craig's List is a great forum for learning about antiques and their value.  When you are on it as much as I am you get a sense for what's common and what's unique.  And with perseverance, you also acquire a knowledge of their value. The trick is to find the unique pieces that are being sold for well below what they are worth.  And that can sometimes take patience.

Here are a few examples I found this week: (NOTE:  I didn't buy any of these)

A deacon's bench for $50.

Antique Chifferobe - $150

Barley Twist Table - $75

Music Chest - $65

Cast Iron Needlepoint Footstool - $50

Red Chinese Wagon - $30

Vintage Starburst Clock - $25

Vanity & Mirror - $45

Mahogany Table, 6 Chairs, China Cabinet - $425

Antique Dress Form - $90 (computer not cooperating on this one - tried to upright it, sorry!)

So you see, there are many unique and reasonably priced treasures on Craig's List.  Some of the pictures above are grainy, but you can see that some of those pieces need refinishing.  This would of course have to be factored into the price negotiations.  And I ALWAYS negotiate.  Craig's List makes that part easy too, because you can do it all via email, making it less awkward.  

My favorite this week?  I think that would have to be the Barley Twist Table.  I love her legs.  A close second would be the Chinese Wagon - very unique!  

As for my own purchases, I will share pictures of those later on this weekend.  Today, I'm off to the Jersey Shore to bask in the sun on the beach with my BFF Denise!  Going to be 80 degrees today!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend and happy hunting!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It Finally Happened!!!

Yep, I finally checked a box on my Bucket List!!  Last Thursday I got to meet up with four of my bloggy buddies for a great day of food, fun and thriftin'!  It was everything I thought it would be and more.  Ever heard of King of Prussia?  It's in Pennsylvania and home to one of the biggest and best Malls in the whole country.   And we were there!  Well, not exactly there, but we did drive right past it, and not just once, but twice!  And we could have gone in too.  But where's the sense in that?  My fun money wouldn't have lasted more than a nanosecond in that place.

In my ridiculous excitement, I took lots and lots of pictures, some with my head hanging out the window going over the Walt Whitman Bridge from South Jersey into Philadelphia.

It was such a beautiful day.

A view from the Delaware River.

Love this city!

The Philadelphia Art Museum.....can you see Rocky?


Beautiful Boathouse Row.

Crew teams from all the nearby universities are frequently spotted practicing here.

The oh-so funky and hip borough of Manayunk.

And here we are!!  We met up at the Bear Rock Cafe for coffee and a quick bite to eat.

(L to R, Stephanie from Conversations From The Cul-De-Sac, Wendy from Relatively Unique, Jessi from Yankee Belle Home and Deb from Confessions of an Ugly Mom.)  Aren't they just the most beautiful group of gals eva!  You can't tell from the picture, but sweet Jessi is expecting her second little bundle.  Doesn't she make just the cutest pregnant lady?

Jessi worked nearby and was able to meet up with us for breakfast, but then had to leave :(

And Steph, Wendy and Deb are all from Hershey.  Yep THAT Hershey.  As in, like only 5 minutes from Chocolate World!

Our first stop was an upscale furniture consignment store.  Kind of an oxy-moron isn't it?  Upscale and consignment in the same sentence!

We didn't buy anything here.  But we sure had fun lookin!

Lots of deliciousness!

Steph, Deb and Wendy waiting patiently for me at the door.  Sorry girls, I just couldn't get enough of all this eye candy!

Look what Deb found at the Salvation Army!


Well, it was so much fun we decided to do it again. At the Hershey Spa!  Suh-WEET!  You all are welcome to come too!  A chocolate bath might just be worth the flight!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Craig's List Weekly Series #2

Last week I announced that I would host a weekly series (notice I did NOT say linky party!) where I will share my top Craig's List finds of the week.  No participation is required, just comment as you like on what you think o my finds.  These aren't necessarily things that I would buy, just things I think are either a really good bargain or very interesting.

This stately desk has been on Philadelphia's CL for a while now.  And at $1600, it may be on there for a little while longer too.  People shopping on CL are usually looking for a bargain, and while this may be a bargain to some, Craig's List isn't the right market for this sort of antique.  I think it's gorgeous!

Also in Philadelphia, this set of four oak and lucite chairs goes for $550.  I think they are freakin' awesome!  But I love any piece of furniture made out of lucite - so Mid-Century Modern and chic!

This Belgian chandelier can be yours for $5000.  Of course I could take my entire family on a week-long cruise to the tropics for that price too.  It's just a question of preference. Ha!  I love it and the drop crystals are what make it so unique.  Simply Divine!

Tune in next week for more CL finds from my neck of the woods.

Have a great weekend and to those of you lucky enough to be yardsaling this weekend, Godspeed and Goodwill Hunting.  Unfortunately, I am hosting my own yardsale this weekend :(  Gotta unload and make room for more stuff.  And I need the cash.

As for tonite, I'm headed to A.C. for my BFF's 40th celebration!  Whoot Whoot!!  Yep.  Might be a little hung-over during that yardsale.  Hair of the Dog anyone?


Today's Thrifty Treasures!

Today I'm linking up with the bee-u-ti-ful and oh so talented Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for Today's Thrifty Treasures party.  I've been showing you some of my favorite finds over the past weeks since yard sale season began here in South Jersey.  Last Saturday was no disappointment.   Denise and I headed out extra early for a townwide yardsale in historic Haddon Heights, a beautiful neighborhood filled with huge homes just oozing with character and streets lined with ginormous oak trees.

At our first stop of the day, I scored these two boxes of crystals from a man who was still setting up.  Poor guy, we didn't even wait for him to finish.  Shame on us!

This one was a box of drop crystal napkin rings for $1.

And a set of chandy crystals in perfect condition for $1.  These crytals were huge I tell ya!  Since I seem to be finding antique chandeliers on the curb alot these days, I decided I better start scooping up crystals whenever I can.

At the same home, I got two venetian mirrored boxes for $1 each.  Here's a pic of the one that's a jewelry box.  I put this one on my dresser.

And this table was put out just as we were about to get in the car and leave.  I got it for $3.  It's a sewing table and both sides open up for storing knitting supplies.

Moving on.  As some of you may know, my home is going to be on the local Christmas Tour of Homes this year, so I've been stocking up on Christmas decorations every chance I get.
This feather wreath got lots of stares on the way back to the car and a few chuckles too.  I think it's delightfully whimisical!  And only $2.

Also got a Christmas throw for $2.

Before every yard sale day, I try to keep a mental note of things that I really need and I usually come home with at least one of those things.  This time it was cushions for my front porch rocker.  Well, I didn't come across any that I particularly liked at the yard sales, but that didn't stop me from picking these pretty ones out of someone's trash NEXT to a yardsale!  Ha!!

Don't you just love the birdies??? So sweet!

I think they look nice on my rocker.

They just needed a little Febreeze is all.

And last but not least, I got these window boxes.  A set of two for $5.  All they need is some soil and flowers and they're good to go.  The hardware even came with them!

Hope you enjoyed my Frugalicious finds of last week.  Don't forget to check out Jane's blog for more!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring In South Jersey

We've been experiencing some oxiborious weather here in South Jersey this Spring.  I remember this time last year it was still very cold and rainy and nothing was blooming yet.  What a difference a year makes!

The tree scape in my backyard doesn't normally look like this until the beginning of May.  It's been like this for a couple weeks now.

We used to have landscaping going all around the perimeter of our patio.  But the patio is huge and I didn't want to have to maintain it.  So Mr. Bliss spent a good portion of last Saturday sodding it for me.  Isn't he the sweetest?  Now when I look out the back door I'm not constantly reminded of all the weeding that needs to be done.  The patio stays alot neater this way too!

The birds are chatting away every second of the day, and I just love it.  You see that chair back by the trees?  That was where my youngest daughter Amy sat for almost an hour the other day talking back to the birds.  They would sing and she would whistle back!  It was so sweet.  I stood there from the back door watching her, she didn't know it, but it was such a precious sight.  Amy loves birdwatching.  More on that later!

We did keep some small beds around the patio for pizzazz!

The walkway that leads to the front.

Daylillies look the prettiest when they are first blooming I think.  Same with Hostas.

I love accenting my landscape with rocks.  You'll see them in almost all of my larger flower beds.  I pull them from local creeks.

My climbing Hydrangea.  It's so big and full and lush, but still no blooms!  Is this normal?  It's been 4 years people!

Can't forget our feathered friends!  They have lots of places to eat and sleep and take a bath in my yard.

They've even lived on my front porch!

And sometimes in the wreath on the front door!  Has this ever happened to you??

I just love them to death.  So sweet.  All of God's creatures are amazing.

A little arrangement on my patio table.  It's fake, but who can tell right!  Ha!  Eventually I'll get me some real flowers in there, but it's still a little too early for these parts.

This is about the only color I have right now.  Azaleas in different colors are all over my yard.  I just love them when they bloom in clusters and they are so hardy.

Moving to the side of my home.

More azaleas in purple.  These have been here since we moved in 11 years ago and I just prune them every year.  Mr. Bliss needs to power wash the siding!

This is the other side of my home, where I planted some perrenials that my parents gave me.  My mom and dad were both blessed with a green thumb and passed some of that on to me I guess.
See, more rocks.  I told you!

A close-up of my perrenials.

These black-eyed susans are my favorite!  They were a new addition last year, and they spread like wildfire!

Can't remember the name of this one, but it's beautiful in bloom.

Another rock, hehe.

My prized Weeping Cherry.  She just lost most of her blooms.  They are scattered all over the lawn now.  Ooops!  And the neighbor's lawn too!

When she blooms, the view from Amy's room is spectacular!  Amy's room is pink so to look out the window and see such a beautiful tree with all pink blooms is so cool!

More Hostas and a Euonymous.

Is that another rock???

A beautiful tree Mr. Bliss and I got at auction a few years ago. Not sure what it is.

I picked out and planted all of the landscaping myself.  Yep!  What you see in the front here I did when Amy was just 2 months old.  I parked her baby carraige on the porch, pulled out each and every meazly shrub the builder planted and piled/tamped a ton of topsoil all by myself.  Mr. Bliss was in the back yard that day building a swingset and he knows that I love to landscape.  Oh, I also drove to the nursery, picked out each and every shrub and tree and lugged it into the car myself.  Did I mention I just had a baby?  Ha!  Good times....
The shrubs are a bit overgrown on the left now.  I usually cut them down.  Also, between the rocks and the shrubs are where I plant my impatiens.  I'll post them later this Summer.

Hope you enjoyed your tour of my yard.  I'm linking up to Outdoor Wednesday for the first time hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer.  Be sure to check out Susan's wonderful blog for more outdoor ideas and photos.

Have a "Bliss"ful day everyone!