Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lookie What I Did!

It's no secret that open shelving in kitchens is the trend these days.  I absolutely love how it looks and would even be bold enough to try it myself if the trend of openly displaying sippy cups with cars on them was also in style.  Since it's not, I took the baby step of removing the cabinet doors over my fridge instead.  This was the easiest peasiest lemon-squeeziest project of all time.  I didn't even need hubby's help........much.

Before, the top of the fridge was the gathering place amidst the dust for school papers that need to be signed (cause I'm orderly like that) and random photos that still need to be shoved in a random box in a random drawer - no I am NOT a scrapper - and an article out of last month's newspaper that I wanted to save because I might need to read it one day, as well as Birthday cards that are too cute to throw away but have nowhere to go until I decide it's finally time to throw them away.

Now,  the top of my fridge is clean, dust and clutter-free and I have a place to display my pretties.

Once I took off the doors there were gaping holes on either side so I used hubby's table saw to cut out some leftover white beadboard I had in the shed.

You can see in the pic above that it still needed some trim to cover the edges of the beadboard.  That's where hubby showed mercy and mitered some trim for me.

It will be fun to switch out the accessories for the seasons.  I've already changed it since I took these first pictures.

Here it is at Christmas and you can see the pretty trim that hubby added.

And here's how it looks today.

A super-easy, super-fun project!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Just Not Ready Yet

Finding it harder this year to let go of the past.  Specifically the past Christmas.  I usually can't wait to get everything down and put away and for the most part, everything is, but there are a few things lingering around that I'm not ready to take down just yet.

In the Living Room I have a few reminders left of the Holidays.  Can you spot them?

There's the obvious wreath on the mirror I got for 75% at Michaels.

How pretty is that?

A little too Christmas-y though.  I'll have to put in away soon.  Maybe another week or so.

I just got this tartan throw off of Ebay and I think it adds so much warmth to this room for the winter months.

And how about the needlepoint pillow?  I brought that out from another chair for the Holidays as well.

Something a little less obvious are these coffee table books.

Sitting on top is this red and green arrangement brought in from the Dining Room.

In the adjacent foyer is another more subtle reminder.

I picked up this topiary at a yardale a couple years ago.  Does it scream "Christmas"?  I don't think so.

And in the kitchen I've kept some greenery on my hutch as well as a few other things.

Some mercury glass mixed with pinecones and white ornaments with snowflakes on them.

And some more mercury glass mixed with faux cranberries.

The Christmas linens are still stuck in the bowls with winterberry stems.

And I think I'll keep this wreath here all year long, just without the greenery and pinecones.

Snowman apron.  Why not?

Do you still have any reminders left?

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Monday, January 23, 2012

More IS More!

The Island of Misfit Decor has a few less misfits these days.  I've been finding new homes for things all over the place - and I love it.  This is not the norm for me as I usually like to keep things bare for a while after taking down all of the Christmas decor.  Not this year.  It's been so much fun fluffing and tweaking.

I've had the most fun in my Living Room where I decided to create a gallery wall after seeing an inspiration pic in my newest issue of Southern Living.

I don't even have a good before shot of this wall because I couldn't stand to show it with nothing on it.  So I avoided taking a picture of the whole wall and instead just showed a portion of it with one of my favorite antiques.

My living room is my most favorite room in the house.  It's where I blog and in the morning the sun comes pouring through.  I love to sit here and have my coffee while the baby is sleeping.  Hubby thinks it's a little stuffy in here, but to me it feels warm and cozy.  Even more so now that I added some of my favorite artwork to the wall.

What's funny is that most of these pictures have been on the island for years collecting dust.  I never got rid of them because I knew I'd find a home for them someday.

It took about 5 seconds to decide that I was not going to plan this out on the floor.  So with a handful of nails in one hand and a hammer, level and ticky tack in the other, I randomly set about creating a gallery wall.   Of course I had to move things around, which meant even more holes, but, like having 3 children, what's one more?

I'll be adding more over time, and eventually would like to cover the whole wall, but I love how it looks for now.  It makes the room so much cozier without the huge bare wall.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby Turns 1!

Happy 1st Birthday my sweet precious baby boy.

I love you with all of my heart.