Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dining Room Tour

A few weeks ago I came dangerously close to selling this dining room set.  The same dining room set that I would have given a limb for 10 years ago.  My business did a house clean-out and a very old, very beautiful dining room set was included.  I went back and forth on whether or not to do it.  It wasn't in perfect condition by any means, but still it was old and well, I love old.  My set is new.  Not brand-spankin' new, but factory-finish new.  In the end I came to my senses and decided to keep my set.  It does have sentimental value to me as it was the first major furniture purchase my husband and I made together as a married couple.  I do think I'll reupholster the chairs and get two upholstered parsons chairs and that will make me happy.

My Dining Room is the first thing you see when you walk into my home.  It's to the right and the Living Room is to the left.

One of the first projects hubby and I tackled together in this house was the crown moulding and shadow boxes.  I just love the classic look of these.

The oil painting on the bottom is from an estate sale.

These vintage florentine nesting tables are the papier-mache kind and I bought them at a flea market a couple of years ago.  They were a steal.

I just love how they look against the curtains.

This black Eastlake-style table was a from a swap I did with another vendor at the barn where I have a booth.  It opens up as some sort of sewing table.

A sweet shelf purchased from a yard sale.

The centerpiece for my table was from another vendor at Clover Market last year.  Hubby bought it for me for Christmas.  I added the shells for the warmer months.

Table runner is a recent Pottery Barn splurge.

The artwork hanging over the buffet is from the same estate sale as the oil painting.

Two demijohns - both new purchases.

A faux arrangement in my Southern Living yardsale find.

I think we can all agree that faux is in again.  Even Pottery Barn is selling very realistic faux stems.

Another new purchase are these prints that flank the china cabinet.  Also from a vendor at the barn.

Curtains are from Pottery Barn and unfortunately have been discontinued.  I would have loved to purchased another set for the Living Room.

Sweet Candy the Chandy.  She was a curbside rescue.  It's a great story and you can read all about it here.

This is the view looking in from the kitchen.

And this is one of my all-time favorite treasures.  I got this drop table from an antique store a few years ago for only $25.  I think it is so sweet.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my Dining Room.  It truly is one of my favorite rooms in my home.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thank You Craig

My latest Craig's List acquisition.

Not liking the farm animals one bit.

But she has great bones.

Gonna keep the top stained and paint everything else black.


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Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't Hate Me

Question:  When you score a guilt-inducing spankin-good deal at a flea market, is it proper etiquette to walk a good distance away before high-fiving your best friend?  I say yes.

The jury was still out on that when I spotted this pillow last weekend.

In my defense, I did not know that it was a Pottery Barn pillow when I asked the price.  It was the seller who said "Two dollars" and then as she picked it up to put it in the bag she said "Oh, it's Pottery Barn" (Sweet Lord the tags are still attached!!!).

What happened next was what any savvy shopper would have done - I grabbed the bag holding on for dear life, said a polite thank you and casually walked several feet away.  AND THEN I squeeled, jumped up and down, did cartwheels and a little "high to the five" and went on my merry way.

Then just a hop, skip and a jump away wouldja believe I found another PB deal??

A candlestick for $3 that I got for $2.50!

Now for those who think I should have offered to pay more, I have many, many good deeds filed away in my "This Cancels Out The Bad" file.  Not to mention I've overspent on way too many things in my lifetime.  At some point, there needs to be a counterbalance dontcha think?

Like this Ballard giclee I found on Craig's List.  I paid way less than it sells for in their catalog.  And I would tell you what I paid, but then I would have to kill you.  It's classified.  The end.

I will show where I put it in an upcoming post so stay tuned!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Clover Market

Larkspur Interiors had another banner day at Clover Market's first show of the season.  It was pouring rain when we woke up and while we were setting up our spaces, but by the time the customers started coming it was sunny and 70's.  We couldn't have asked for a better show.

I will post pics as soon as I can, but first I want to show you what I came home with, because you know it's impossible for me to have a show without doing a little shopping of my own!

As soon as I spotted these antlers I knew they were coming home with me.  The girls at this spot were the nicest, sweetest girls and their prices were unbelievably good.

They are hanging in the Living Room over a new print that hangs over my secretary.

This demijohn was a steal at $25, purchased from another vendor.  Denise and I were selling 3 of our own, but I liked the size of this one for my own purposes.

For now I have on the buffet in the Dining Room.

There's a huge warehouse-type building on the premises of Clover Market and the owner agreed to let us use his building to sell food.  In exchange he set up some things of his own to sell, but it was more of a garage sale.  I picked up three paintings from him, including this one in it's original antique frame.

I love all the bright colors, especially against my newly painted yellow walls. Color makes me happy.

It's hanging in my Family Room next to my entertainment center.

Here are the other two much smaller ones, on the other side of the entertainment center.

More color....

My favorite corner.

All in all it was a great day.  Denise and I had a blast and got to meet some new vendors.  Our next show is on Sunday, May 6th so not much time to relax.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

DIY Toolbox Turned Flowerbox

Bringing this lovely to Clover Market tomorrow.

I taped off a box on the front and spray painted chalkboard paint.

Next I seasoned the chalkboard by running the side of a piece of chalk along the surface of the chalkboard and wiping with a dry paper towel.  It is then ready to use as a chalkboard.

I filled the box with mason jars tied with bright colored ribbons and stuck some faux stems in each one, but you could easily fill the whole thing with potting soil and plant real flowers.

Looks perfect as a centerpiece on a table or on the front porch.  Could also be used in the kitchen to hold various utensils!

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Auction House Love

I've been getting back into auctions lately after taking a long break, partly because yard sale season is off to an unusually slow start this year.

Last week I won this lovely hand-painted magazine stand.

For now it sits next to the fireplace.

And right now I have an absentee bid on this baby.

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed real hard.  It's gonna be a long day as I probably won't hear back until tomorrow.

I can just picture it over the fireplace against the newly painted pale yellow walls.  Oh please oh please oh please let me win!!!

On another note, tomorrow is the first show of the season at Clover Market and Denise and I are hoping for a big showing.  It's going to be sunny and 80's.  Perfect weather for shopping and hopefully buying!

I'll be posting pics of our booth next week.

That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulicious weekend!


Friday, April 13, 2012

A Cozy Corner

A favorite table.

An old basket.

Possibly once belonged to a Doctor?

Rustic fan.

A live plant sitting atop old worn leather books.

Natural light pouring in.

All the makings of a cozy corner.