Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Decorating Dilemmas Update!

Wow you guys had such great comments/ideas! Thanks for your help and inspiration. I really needed that and it was interesting how it was unanimous that I should lower the mirror. Everyone agreed on that one. I'll get to that tomorrow as I'll be snowed in yet again!

I agree that the table next to the couch is way too small for the space. What stinks is that the basement door is right next to it so there is no room there for a bigger table - CRAP! Any other ideas??


Nancy said...

But it's a really cute little table, Kim! The only thing I can come up with is a bench. The room isn't shabby; it's got that formal feel to it. But if you found a bench to put one end at the wall so that the length is along the arm of the couch, there would be room for getting into the door near it. You could add heighth by putting something tall on it. It's just a thought!


Wendy said...

Kim, I have been having so much fun reading your posts! We are shoveling out today! 18 inches of snow onto of 18 inches of snow!! Thinking of you..I know you have the same :)
Have fun rearranging..excited to see what everyone comes up with!!
Wendy :)