Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So What DID I Buy From Craig???

After my last Craig's List post many of you wanted to see what I ended up getting from Craig for myself.  I finally got around to snapping some pix for you.  I will admit I may have paid a little more than I should have for some of these, but I don't regret the overall purchases.

I've been on the hunt for a new coffee table for my Rec Wreck Room for a long time.  I got tired of buying something cheap just to make do and then discarding it a month later, so I decided to wait until I found just the right table, which really sucks cause I have no patience.  This one came up on CL, but the picture was crappy.  I took a chance on my hunch that it was perfect.

That entailed dragging the family to downtown Philly on a Saturday afternoon, which meant lots and lots of traffic.  It was more than worth it.  We met the nicest newlywed couple.  Since they were moving the very next day to NYC and were desperate to unload the table, they said I could have it for $20!  It's from Pier One and I lurve it!  See how some things were just meant to be!  I've always said, women have great instincts.  The problem of indecisiveness comes when we decide not to listen to them!

Exactly what I was looking for!

This one's a keeper!

On any given day of browsing on CL, I end up with at least 5 things that I Bookmark, for myself or others.  Then there are those that stop me in my tracks and have me grabbing my cell phone in a fury to scoop it up before anyone else has a chance.  This was one of those times.  I knew that being the first to respond was key.

It started with this chandelier, listed for $20.

There was no cell phone number so I was forced to respond to the CL email and hope for the best.  Sure enough the person got back to me that evening and said she had an overwhelming response to her ad but that she would give me dibs because I was first!  Yippeeeeee!  The crystals and shades alone were worth it to me.

Oddly enough, the very next ad on Craig's list was for this charming little accent table that.I.had.to.have!

I just loved the hardware and all the detailed carving.  And guess what?  It was being sold by the same lady who listed the chandy.  Suh-Weet!
For now she is at the bottom of my basement stairs.

Total for this table?  $50.  A little high?  Yes.  But do I love it?  Oh yeah!  I normally wouldn't have paid that much but I just fell in love with her from first sight.

So guess what?  The same lady was also selling this crystal vase.

For $15.

Again, too high, but it matches the chandy people!   Truth is, I knew I got the chandy for a steal, so I wasn't about to haggle for these other items.  I always try to be fair and I believe that goes both ways.

So that's it for last week.  Stay tuned for Part 4 of my Craig's List Series later this week!



sissie said...

Girl, you sure know how to work a deal! Love that coffee table and the little side table and that chandelier is the piece-de-resistance!


Linda said...

Wow, Kim...you did great! Wonderful finds and they look great in your home!

kim said...

Kim, you got some great buys and beautiful pieces. That coffee table is very nice and a good size. The chandy is too cute and love the little table. Such great details on that piece.

I would have not picked that, but I had to chose from three different items and that was one of them and then it was on back order and they kept changing the date. Not sure where I am going to use them.

Kimberly said...

You got great things once again!!! can't wait to see the next part.

Blondie's Journal said...

You amaze me!! You really know how to spot a good deal! I love everything!


Nancy said...

I need to hire you! lol! You do a great job of finding the neatest things!


Terri Smith said...

Goodness Gracious Alive! Kim, you DID GOOD GIRL! LOVE the new coffee table..and the Chandelier..well the crystals alone (even vintage ones) would have set you back more than you paid. Girl, remind me to call you when I'm in need of a Negotiator! I've NEVER seen anyone work a deal better than you do!

Blessings, Joy & Tuesday Sunshine, Terri

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Nice deals - you really did good! I got a chandelier last August that I still have not done anything with, and was not as good a deal as you got.

Deb @ Confessions of an Ugly Mom said...

Ooooh, you did well!

Privet and Holly said...

Wow, Kim, you SCORED with these lovelies! You are sure nimble with that Craig's List!! I have GOT to get on there more often and have a look-sy, especially now because I'm doing some editing and re-doing in our master bedroom and am in the market for a few things. Don't you just LOVE hunting down treasures like these??? Thanks for the fun distraction tonight.... xx P&H

Tina said...

Fabulous bargains Kim, I love them ALL. Can I just say $20 for that chandy, you are one lucky girl:) Enjoy your new treasures and have a fabulous day! ~ Tina xx

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

wow!! you really did score quite a few great finds!! good eye, girly :)

Shelia said...

Woo Hooness! I love your gorgeous coffee table! It looks just perfect. I'm so proud you found something you love.
The chandy and little table are wonderful! I believe if you love it - it's worth the price!
You did good!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Debbie said...

You are one savvy shopper....you scored big Kim, I love the chande, now what to do with it...you will come up with something good I am sure!

helenabelle said...

Wow,Kim! You found some great CL treasures. I really love that chandelier and for $20.00, SCORE!!
The Tattered Tassel

kanishk said...

you did great! Wonderful finds and they look great in your home!
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LindseyRockers said...

Nice finds :) i love digging around at garage sales... just not getting up so early! love your blog... i'm your newest follower!


Linda said...

I really like your good taste...and all of your thrifty finds! Your kitchen is really lovely! I like all of the ways you have used things to store stuff...but it still looks pretty.

I love to decorate...I always have...so a blog like yours is just heaven to me!!!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Linda said...

I decided I jut HAD to follow you Kim...so I came back and did just that! (:>)

Hope you have a Happy Day!