Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.....

I have a question for you. Can a person have too many mirrors in their home? I've been doing a little Post-Holiday tweaking around here lately and I suddenly realized that I have a mirror at every turn! Seriously. Are guests going to stroll around my home and suddenly start hearing "Your So Vain" in the depths of their subconcious? I'm seriously worried here. I did take one down yesterday, but I still think there may be too many. These are the things I obsess about people.
Take a look see, and tell me what you think.
This one's in the Dining Room and it's the first thing you see when you walk into my home.

I got this mirror at Penney's and I love it so it's staying put.

This little guy I picked up at Goodwill for a couple bucks. It fills a small space next to my front door perfectly. I've tried so many different things here and this works the best.

I just redid this whole wall in my Living Room. I used to have a huge picture over the sofa, but since I replaced the old sofa with this new one I found on Craig's List, I had to take it down. I decided to do a wallscape using some vintage mirrors I had just been storing in my garage. I then added a couple of sconces I got at a thrift store for $2 a piece.

I was so afraid to do this at first. Just the thought of putting all of those holes in my walls, and then what if I hated it?? I couldn't even lay it out on the floor because I'd never be able to hang them exactly the same way. Too much work. Obsessing again, I know. I told you! I'm happy with the end result though.

Remember my friend Stacy? She moved last month and I inherited so many wonderful treasures from her, including these mirrors from Italy that I used in this wallscape.

The one in the middle I found at a yard sale last summer and it matched the others so it worked.

The last one is a mirror that I got from Sam's Club a few years back and it's huge. The frame is what really makes it. I've never seen a large mirror with a frame of this scale. It kinda makes the room complete.

Individually, I love them all. But as a whole, is it too much? Is this the House of Mirrors? Does it resemble the Fun House at the carnival? Help me out here.

On another note, I let my little buddy play hooky today and we're having a fun little PJ day. Got alot to get done around here today. After all, it's alot of work to keep all of these mirrors clean!


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

I'm really interested to see what everyone has to say, as I have lots of mirrors around, too. I have two huge ones waiting for homes right now--thinking of hanging one of them above the bed. Can you have too many mirrors? I hope not!

Tracy said...

I'm sure it's possible to have too many, but I don't think you do. They are all decorative and tastefully placed, plus mirrors are great for reflecting light and brightening things up. You CAN have too few, apparently, because my oldest daughter complains every time she visits that I don't have one on the main living floor in my house. But I have several on each of the other floors!

Blondie's Journal said...

The arrangement above your sofa looks awesome! And the mirrors from Italy, how could you not hang them!!

Now that I think of it, I have a lot of mirrors, too...three in my living room alone. I like how they reflect the light! I am not going to worry about it. They are pretty and useful, too!! ;-)


Country Dreaming said...

As long as YOU like your arrangements then that's all thatmatters.


Brittany said...

You can never have too many mirrors :) I didn't realize just how many I had until we moved. They really open up a room. I especially love the one you got from Penney's - Beautiful!

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

I don't think you have too many mirrors. What I like about them is that they are all completely different in style. It's not like you just have a bunch of square mirrors on every wall. They are decorative and add to each space. I personally love mirrors. I have one in my den, one in my kitchen (eating area), one in my bedroom, and I would add a few more if I had them! :)
You have a beautiful home. Have a blessed week!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Gee, I never thought about having too many. In my home they are everywhere. I do mean everywhere! Too many? Heck no! :)

Dayka said...

You are not playing--you do have a lot of mirrors!! I love the flower one you got from the Goodwill. If you get rid of it, let me know what day you'll be putting it out on the curb so I can swing by! :)

Mrs. Chic said...

I like mirrors! they bounce light around and the ones you have are all pretty

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I guess it just depends on how often you look into these mirrors...lol!

Queenie said...

Hey Kim,
I don't think you have too many mirrors at all, I noticed that every mirror reflects something pretty...including you, with your camera! I wouldn't take away any of them.
Girl, your new sofa is gorgeous, it is perfect in your room and "wow" what a deal! I am so happy for you.
By the way...In your "Why I Love January" Post, (which I loved), I agree with your reasons to love January...I feel the same way as you do....I love January because it is a fresh start, I enjoy having some free time to reflect, and I think what I love the most about January is it puts me in the mood for a few decorating changes....that's always fun, after the Christmas Tree is down and the room seems bigger! Hope you have a great week! I had such fun catching up on your posts...thanks for stopping over today.
Big Hugs,

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

I don't think your mirrors are too much. You have them arranged really nice! I love big mirrors! I have a mirror in at least every room of my house....I also think they add depth and help bring in the light from outdoors! You go girl! Hugs!

Sherri Blum, CID said...

I don't think you have too many mirrors at all. What I tell my clients is that they should definitely reflect something pretty or find a new location to hang them. It seems as if you've taken great care to be sure of good reflections. They also open up a room and reflect light, providing a spacious feel and nice ambiance. That being said, I do believe folks should have plenty of pretty artwork on their walls of each room, too. Although artwork is more difficult to choose for many people, it speaks more of the personalities of the residents of that home. It just takes longer to find the right art and to build upon that collection. Mix it up, I say!