Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do You Suffer From This??

I recently stumbled upon a new blogger and her decorating style quickly became embedded in my brain. Since then, I've taken several trips back to her blog as I often do when I find a blog that speaks to me. Becca at Adventures in Decorating coined a new phrase, or rather, affliction that stopped me dead in my tracks. For years I thought I was crazy. I knew there were others out there, but never knew it had a name! It's called, ADD, Attention Decorating Disorder. Symptoms include constantly moving accessories around, switching furniture out, painting and repainting your walls, and still never being quite satisfied with the end result. Besides being in love with Becca's decor, I was so glad to meet a kindred spirit, and one who wasn't afraid to stand up for the rest of us and admit it! My name is Kim, and I have ADD! Now please don't think for a second that I'm mocking anyone who really suffers from ADD. My own sweet 9 year-old, Amy, has had it for years and is on medication for it. I just love the idea at poking fun at ourselves for our innocent little idiosyncrasies. Are ya with me?

My most recent bout of ADD presented itself in my Living Room. I've been tweaking and tweaking and retweaking this room for months and I think I finally got it right, at least for now. I loved the idea of having a wallscape using some of the vintage mirrors I had lying around, (to see that post, go here) only every time I looked at it, it seemed "off". I couldn't figure out what was "off", just knew something was. SOOOO, after many nailholes and tons of spackle, I think I finally achieved the look I was going for. I just had the wrong mirror in the middle.

While I was at my In-Laws the other night, I found an old dirty mirror in a box in their garage. I asked them if I could have it, cause I'm bold like that, and they said yes! I came right home, cleaned it off and made the switcheroo. Poof! Perfection!

Now, go over to Becca's blog and check out her gorgeous home! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!


southerninspiration said...

Yes, I like gives me that "ahhhhhh" feeling that it is just right! I'll go check out Becca's! Thanks,

Nancy said...

I think I have a bit of that ADD! I like the different mirror. I agree, it's a perfect fit in that arrangement!


Becca said...

KIM !! If you were here right now, I'd give you the biggest hug EVAH (and then immediately apologize for getting paint all over your shirt, as I'm in the middle of painting my master bath and am covered in Duron Millet)! LOL. I'm extremely flattered and humbled that you would choose to write such a fun and witty post about my new, little blog !! The fact that you've validated my self-diagnosis of *ADD,* and proven that I'm in great company with my decorating disorder puts a *ha-uge* smile on my face! You're giving me WAY too much credit as far as my *skillz* go ... and, obviously, now, my decorating is going to go into overdrive so as to not disappoint and let you down !! Thanks again !! Hugs, Becca

Becca said...

And, I LOVE the new mirror (and the fact that your in-laws don't mind you raiding their "loot") !! LOL. It's the perfect addition to your wallscape ... super classy !! Again, love it !! Hugs, Becca

Blondie's Journal said...

I love the way the round mirror looks. Obviously that is all that you needed and you have to trust your instincts. Better you found the right mirror than scrap the whole wallscape!


Melissa Miller said...

LOL! Kim I'm raising my hand to join you with ADD. He!

Your new mirror is GORGEOUS!
Love the wall.

Becca is wonderful and her home is amazing! :)

Room to Inspire said...

Yes, the new mirror looks perfect. I am off to check out her blog.


Dayka said...

I like the larger mirror!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Perfect! I love the oval shape really works! I think I suffer with the same affliction you do...except my pocketbook keeps me from making too many changes. LOL
Thanks for stopping by my wonderful seeing a familiar name! :-)

Anne~Fiona and Twig said...

Kim, you have truly found your peeps, I think most of us suffer from that particular strain of ADD!
Actually, I don't suffer at all, I enjoy every second of it! ;-)

And you're right, that new mirror looks just perfect!

Have a wonderful Thursday,

Sherri Blum, CID said...

I love the new mirror arrangement! Thank goodness for parents and their eternal giving nature! And while we're being honest here, yes...I, too suffer from ADD. Please don't tell my new hubby...he's still a bit oblivious to my addictions! ;)

Kimberly@Romantiques said...

Love your arrangement. I, too love mirrors. Kim

Grandma Nina said...

Kim, I too suffer from ADD. Both kinds. That's so funny because I just wrote about ADD in my blog today.
I love the mirror idea. In fact, I think my son and daughter in law have that same mirror and I'm helping them decorate their new home and now have a great idea for them thanks to you. Now I'm going to check out Becca's blog.

Anonymous said...

You have done such a good job and i just LOVE what you have done with that room it is bee-u-tiful!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Well...I don't paint and repaint...but I do have trouble feeling like it's right. Do you really paint and repaint?
My hallway was just finished tonight and the thought of going through it all again shakes me to the core! :) This place is a mess and we still have six rooms to go. Lots of work.
I will check out the blog you discovered. I love your new mirror...really nice.

Lisa B. said...

I definitely have ADD as well...ha!

I think the bigger mirror does balance well with the large sofa. It looks perfect!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am so happy to know there is a name for my obsession!! I am constantly tweaking, rearranging, just painted my kitchen again 7th time in 6 years, it's nice to meet another kindred spirit.

My name is LeAnn and I have ADD.


Queenie said...

THis post is just too cute, I think I suffer from a touch of this ....Attention Decorating Disorder myself. I knew there had to be a name for it! LOL! I will say that I have gotten much better about my tweaking, and I do tweak less often, I try to narrow it down to seasonally, or just when I find something new at a yard sale or antique store. ....that's fairly often...and instead of taking things away, I add to what I have and call it my layered decorating style. Okay, I will admit it....
"My Name is Queenie and I have Attention Decorating Disorder and I am confessed tweaker" LOL!
Oh, but isn't it so much fun! By the way...the oval mirror is perfect...see, the persistant tweaking paid off...I've done that sort of thing when trying to get plates to look right too, so I feel your pain. It looks beautiful KIm!
Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

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