Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back To School, Touches of Fall & More Vacation Pix!

Brace yourself peeps, this is going to be a very LONG post!!

My sweet hubby always has the BEST of intentions, as was the case when he kindly remembered to back my USB cord on vacation so that I could download my pictures onto my PC.  Unfortunately, he lost it somewhere between vacation and home and I have been unable to post ANY pictures for the last week.  It's been killing me too, as I've had so many great pictures to share - the rest of my vacation, some Fall decorations and back to school pix of my kiddos!

Our part of the country is perhaps the last to send our kids back to school.  Yesterday was the big day and my oldest daughter, Mallory started her first year of High School!  Yes, you heard me right, I have a baby on the way and a daughter in HS!  Don't worry, it's all part of God's master plan.

My youngest daughter, Amy, began her last year of elementary school, 5th grade.

I was so sad to see them go, as I truly enjoy having them around me during the Summer.  They really keep me company and it seems so quiet around here without them, but not for long, right???
I was able to get a few things done around the house, including pulling out some of my favorite Fall decor.

I started in the Dining Room with my prized nesting pumpkins that I got at a local auction for only $11!!!  I love these guys.

The arrangement on my Dining Room table I put together myself using stems from around the house.

I also added some touches of Fall to the Kitchen.

Colorful Mums.

I pulled this sweet ceramic planter out of someone's trash!!!  I love the colors and the acorns.  Best part is, after Fall I just turn it around!

A cute little scarecrow from Michael's and a dry erase board from Kirkland's in Tennessee.

Got this sweet tassel from Michael's too.

Still need to add some more Fall touches to my hutch.

This is the display on my Kitchen table.  I got the rattan two-tier basket from a yardsale this past weekend for $2 then filled it with some fall picks and gourds.

Another arrangement of Fall colors in my foyer.

The container was a Southern Living at Home find at a Flea Market for $2 that I spray painted Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Have I mentioned how much I love that stuff??

Now I told you this was going to be a LONG post.  I am making up for lost time after all.  I never finished sharing pictures of our vacation two weeks ago to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  While there I always stop at their amazing outlets to visit one of my favorite stores, Kirkland's, which we don't have around here.  If you are a fan of Melissa's Heart and Home like I am, you will agree that Kirkland's has some amazing home decor.  Melissa has done a spectacular job of decorating her gorgeous home with lots of pieces from Kirkland's.

I got this sweet doormat for my front entry.

and this very Tuscan looking dry erase board I showed earlier in this post.

You can't stay in Pigeon Forge and not visit Dollywood, the charming theme park in the Smokies created by the beautiful Dolly Parton.

I captured some great pix of Dollywood with my camera.  While in Tenn. I was finally able to set my camera to "easy-auto".  It was a very "duh" moment.

These gorgeous pix were taken at one of our fave spots in PF, The Old Mill.

The Apple Barn is a great place to have breakfast, with the most delicious apple fritters, apple muffins and apple cider.

One of our favorite hotels to stay in PF is the gorgeous Inn At Christmas Place.  It is decorated year round for Christmas and just oozes with Holiday charm.  There are even doormen to greet you dressed as toy soldiers.  The inside is totally breathtaking and I was sure to take lots of pictures for future reference when decorating.

The front entry.

The front lobby is so beautiful.
Wonder how long it took to decorate this tree???
Every hour, the clock chimes with the bells on the sides playing Christmas carols.

Love how they decorated the lamps with bows, bells and tassels.  I will SO be stealing that idea!

All of the decorations can be purchased across the street at the Christmas Place.  I wanted to buy these pear branches so bad, but they were $24 a piece!!  

So thanks for sticking with me.  I'm so glad to be back.  Back to normal schedules, back to blogging, back to having my camera.  Didn't realize how lost I was without it!  



Kimberly said...

Loved seeing all the pictures!! Its cooler here tonight~going to get out my decorations tomorrow! Love those nesting pumpkins you found!

Artist Terri Smith said...

These photos were fabulous Kim! Your beautiful home always takes my breath. know you have the Midas Touch when it comes to decorating! Mallory and Amy look so happy to be returning to school. Know you'll miss having them at home. LOVED the photos from your vacation. Grand decorating ideas in every direction! Thanks so much for sharing everything with us! :)) Missed you so much while you were away..Hugs, Terri

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Loved it all. Wow, highschool! Great back to school pics. Love the ceramic planter too. Great vacation photos as well. How are you feeling? When is your due date?

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Love your fall decorating. I have not even started mine yet!

I think if I would have known you were going to be so close (maybe 2 hours) I would have tried to see you. Of course you might have thought, "what is this strange person trying to break into my vacation for?".

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Really like all your Fall decor! Thanks for the tour around your pretty home, and your trip to east TN. I have not done any Fall decorating around here - I really need to get busy.
Hope you are doing well.

Blondie's Journal said...

Your fall decor is fabulous, Kim!! I especially love all of your pretty floral arrangements with their warm colors. Great job.

I like that inn you stayed at! Lots of Christmas decorating ideas there. Glad you took so many pictures.

Does it feel good to have the kids back in school? I can't believe it's that time of year already!!

Have a happy week!


Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

I am like you about the kids and school! I miss mine soooo much when they start back! The house is too quiet!

I love all of your fall decorating! Your dining room looks beautiful and I adore all of the touches you added to your kitchen!

Sounds like you all had a wonderful vacation! I can't believe summer is almost over! It flew by so fast! I am so ready for fall that I don't think I mind;)!


Turley Times said...

I can't believe your kids just went back to school. Around here everyone has been back for a couple weeks. But I bet it is nice to be able to incorporate Labor Day weekend into summer vacation. I haven't done any fall decorating yet, so seeing your photos gave me some inspiration, and more importantly, motivation! Thanks!


Nancy said...

Your pictures are great, Kim! I love your fall displays. Around here, we've been so busy fixin' to move that the house is a mess and there won't be any fall decorations until we've settled! Your girls are so grown up and lovely young women. You must be proud!


Jemsmom said...

Jemma started 4K on Tuesday and it almost killed me! Why do they need a four year old five mornings a week?!? I need her here! Your girls are just beautiful and I hope they have a great first week!

I am from Tennessee. I lived about 2 1/2 hours from Pigeon Forge. My aunt and uncle that I visited every year live about 20 minutes from there. Now I am going to say this... I have never been to Dollywood!!! Isn't that crazy? I have a picture of me and my cousins there when it was Silver Dollar City! Loooooong time ago!

My mouth started watering when I saw the Apple barn! We go there every time we are in the area. Just walking in smells yummy!

Glad you are back and off to a great school year!

Jennifer said...

your home is gorgeous!!!! LOve the little tassel you got!!! Love the vacay pictures too! I will be going back there in Oct!! I can't wait! It's our favorite spot! If you ever go back we need to plan a time so we can meet up! I'm only 3 hours away! Love all your fall decor!!

fist pumpin Jennifer!

Kristin said...

Welcome back Kim! LOoks like you had a great time in TN. Such a fun place...we love the aquarium best :-) Did you get to go there? Lovin' you touches of Fall. I've been decorating this week too. Also, if you're interested, I'm having a "Fall Friendship Swap" this year! Deadline to sign up is Friday. Should be loads of fun for Fall lovers like you and me :-). Have a great day...

Melissa Miller said...

Lovely! Kim you did find some goodies for fall at Kirklands. I just love the red dry erase board. How cute is that. I walked right by Kirklands today and did not even step inside. It was hard to resist. *Smiles*

Your vacation photos are stunning. I'm glad you all had so much fun!

Have a great week.
~Melissa :)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Kim

Your have such pretty daughters --hope tye have a good schol year.

I love your ceramic pumpkins. I also wish there were a Kirklands near me --I visited one in Arizona and loved everything in the store.

Dollywood looks like fun and I also love the Christmas Place! WOW!

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

AMAZING photos! You are SO good with your camera. Love all of your fall touches. Everything is just beautiful. Love the PF pics. It's been a LONG time since I've been there. Maybe I should plan a trip.

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

The Mill!! Love that place. Oh, the corn muffins! And the Apple Barn. Who knew there were so many things one can do with an apple! I have many things in my house from that very Kirkland's and am fortunate to have a store only minutes from my house. My husband probably wouldn't use the word 'fortunate'.

p.s.--As many times as I've been to Pigeon Forge, I've never been to Dollywood.

Brittany said...

Love your pics! We LOVE Dollywood, and the Smokies - we'll be going back there in just a few weeks. Your pictures are making me impatient to get back! Your fall stuff looks great - I haven't had the heart to drag mine out yet! :)

Susan said...

Glad to see that you are back and doing well. I really like all the Fall decorating you have been doing. Your house is just lovely. Congrats on expecting. I hope you are feeling well. My girls are 7 years apart and people ask me all the time why they are spaced so far apart. I tell them that it was just meant to be that way ;o)

A Hopeful Heart said...

Your home is beyond beautiful!! What an amazing decorating job you have done.

I love the vacation photos. That area of the country is SO gorgeous, and you captured the beauty so well in your photos. I especially love the one taken at dusk, with the little water fall.

Finally, I have a daughter that is now OUT of high school...and I'm looking to adopt a baby...or maybe a three year old. So don't think you're too out to lunch. God didn't put age restrictions on being a mom!!!

Blessings to you,

Linda said...

Great post, Kim! Fun to see all your goings-on and lovely decorations! Your daughters are so pretty!

Kristi said...

Love all your pictures! Your girls are beautiful and can't wait to meet your new addition!
Your wood floors are GORGEOUS!!!! And I love the close up shot with the stained qtr round! Showing my hubby first thing in the morning! I had been trying to describe it and he didn't knwo what I meant, now I can show him yours :)

Brittany said...

we love the apple barn! may i ask where you got your welcome mat? thanks. :)

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Hi, Kim! Loved all your decorations for Fall. Everything looks so pretty. And your girls looked so happy to be going back to school! Good for them! I also enjoyed seeing the rest of your vacation pics. It really looks like you had such a nice time.

Love the Decor! said...

Your fall things are so beautiful Kim
come on over any time for that cup of cider : )

That place you cited looks ah-maz-ing.
My mom lives in Tennessee but I have never been
(long story) this may entice me to get there and visit : )