Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tablescape Thursday Dollar Store Style!!!

This is only my second time participating in this fun event hosted by Susan (hi Susan!) over at Between Naps on the Porch. I was going to do a post on my Dollar Tree finds, and decided to incorporate them into a tablescape so I could party with the other t-scapers out there. So, as the name suggests, this is a tablescape made up of Dollar Store finds - nothin fancy here, just a casual setting for one. Why just one?? Well, me forgots to go back to the DS to get more placemats. I picked up one of each, just to see if I liked them with every intention of going back to get more. Never happened. Do ya think they're still there???

I just liked all of the colors in these placemats and they all seemed to coordinate. What's more, they went with the colors in my kitchen.

These dishes did NOT come from the DS - no siree! I splurged big time on these babies. Can you say, WalMart??? In my defense, these are just my everyday dishes. Years ago when I first got engaged, I registered at Macy's for my pretty everyday Pfaltzgraf dishes with all the matching serving pieces like a good little Bride-to-Be. Well guess what? They did not stand the test of time. Within a few years, besides being sick of the pattern (Garden Party) they were falling apart - chips and cracks galore, and they were supposed to be dishwasher safe! So, this time, I deciced to go plain and simple. Notice I did not say "cheap". Walmart? Yes. Cheap? Not so much. But I love them and they are much more durable than those fancy-shmancy Pfalzgraf ones.

The napkin rings I got at Goodwill for a buck. Thought they were cute and who can't use animal print napkin rings?? Imagine someone getting rid of those!!!!!! Hey, they look great in my drawer.

Aren't these just the cutest prints? I couldn't resist!

I found a use for just about all of them too. The others I'll put in a basket and fill it with chips for informal gatherings.

On the toaster oven:

On the oven:

And my favorite - as a valance!

So there you have it, my very modest but very colorful tablescape for one. Hope you all have a great day and now go check out all the other beautiful tablescapes at Susan's wonderful blog.


Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Hey Kim! Long time no see! Love your placemats! Great dishes! I love WalMart! Keep buying! We got stock there!!!(LOL) I hope you're feeling well and your family doing good! God Bless! Lauralu :)

jerriann said...

HI, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your table scape. Love the colors, I didn't know that DS had this stuff, I'll have to go check it out. Thanks for the tip.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

They look great to me. They are warm and oomfortable looking. Serve up some pasta, salad, crusty bread and a little wine and you are good to go.

Happy To Be said...

Kim my friend I love your table for one ha ha!! and girl I am so into bargain hunting anymore my SS doesn't allow me the funds that I use to have...girl you are after my own heart here...thanks for sharing Kim and for coming by and seeing me...I have missed you my friend...May ou have a great week...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Hey there, Kim!
I'm glad to see you back. I love your dishes. I thought about buying square, but ended up goin with white circular plates with a raised design around the edge. Inexpensive? Yes. Sears. As a set. On Clearance. Love them! They go with everything. Plus, if one breaks I won't lose my mind. ;)
Talk to you again soon,

Paula said...

I never would have guessed that any of your things came from DS, Walmart, or Goodwill. You have an eye for finding great stuff!

Bo said...

Hi Kim...Great post today! I LOVE those animal print napkin rings... who could have given those up???
Thanks for your visit...I hope to be back to regular blogging after our Colorado trip. See ya later,
;-) Bo

Still Learning said...

Hey, it all looks great! Love the napkin rings. Love me the Goodwill. You know 5 years ago everyone I knew made fun of me for shopping there. Now that store is always crowded.:)

Have a great day,


Amy@DesigningaLifeILove said...

OMG - I'm new to your blog (thanks for the comment on mine!) and I'm totally sold -- girl, I LOVE what you've done with your Dollar Store finds!! Thanks for the inspiration! (Think I'll go to the Dollar Store on my lunchbreak...!)

movingonlady said...

I really like the colors that are in your tablescape and it is even better that you got them at the DS,
Hey they look really cute.

Stop by to see Grandmother China and while your there click follow to keep up to date to what is going on in my world.I's love to have you.

Dana and Daisy said...

I'm with you on the animal print napkin rings! Great find!

Anonymous said...

Dollar Store, WalMart, does not matter to me. If I like something and it's the right price...I buy it ;o) Love your tablescape, the colors are just my style :o)

The Stylish House said...

Hi Kim,
Great score on your placemat! Sorry you forgot to get more, ha, ha! This is something I would do. I have cheap shopping days, where I only go to DS or thrift stores when I feel like shopping, but should not spend a bunch. It gives me my shopping fix without busting the bank. I am so happy it is garage sale season. Take care. Cathy

Mary said...

what a fun table! gotta love a bargain. ;)

Kammy said...

Hi Kim !
Love those are doing really good at are very good at mixing and matching colors...I love those napkin rings you found - very cool !
Thanks for visiting my blog and yes the pictures on my blog are all mine - the dirt road too ! See my muddy post I just posted - we get dirty around here, LOL !
Hugs ~ Kammy

xinex said...

I love the napkin rings and your square plates are pretty...Christine

Laura said...

Miss Kim- you are a tablescaping machine!

Everything looks wonderful and the valance was amazing.

I enjoy your blog so much-


Roeshel said...

There is no way that looks like a 'budget' setting! Great job! I like the creative valance too!

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Shatzer said...

Your tablescape looks great! I also used to have Pfaltzgraf dishes. I thought they would hold up good because they are stoneware, but mine also broke and chipped alot. My new dishes also came from...Walmart! (love that place!) Thanks for asking about the baby. He's doing great!! We are all enjoying loving on him all the time.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I love your animal print napkin rings -- I need to get me some different ones - can't believe I only have one set. Love your table and thanks for your visit to my rosey table!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Those placemats as a valace are absolutely brilliant! Your table setting is fabulous. Luv those square dishes. And the animal print napkin rings from GW are so great! I love that they are all different prints. Why WOULD somebody get rid of those? laurie

Kathleen said...

Great table, and ideas.
I use napkins for valances and sometimes table runners with a pocket sewn in..

prof en retraite said...

How cute! isn't the DS great? I like their silk flowers, too, especially mixed in with a few of the ones from Michaels! Happy Sunday!...Debbie

Mary said...

Love the tablescape...great idea to do it for one...I haven't particapted because it's just my huband and myself and couldn't see setting an entire table.
The walmart dishes are nice and love the cute napkin holder.

Debz said...

Gee it all looks so lovely!
I wouldn't want to put food on the table!
Thanks for coming by to visit.

Jen r. said...

LOVE those napkins rings and the color scheme! You have to fly out next year for it.. it was well worth it! Jen

The Charm House said...

Wonderful Post!!! And thanks for your comment on my post FRIEND!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Simple and just beautiful. Very classy! I love your colors! Those napkin rings..they are so different...I love them!

Chari said...

Hi Kim...

Just read the sweet note that you left me...thank you so much for coming by and for your very kind compliments!!! Do you remember Vanna (lovroftiques on RMS)? She was selling those pretty lamps and I just had to have them! I have really enjoyed them!

Well my friend, I love your pretty tablescape! Oooh...and I love the Dollar Store...sometimes you can find the coolest things there! I just love your pretty placemats, napkins, and towels! I love olive green and gold together anyway...I have those colors throughout my home! Hehe! Simply yet classic table setting, my friend! Love those beautiful dishes! I don't recall seeing those at Walmart...I'll have to check next time I'm there! Sooo pretty!!! Girl, I love how you used the rattan mats for window valances...they look fabulous and so inexpensive! I love that!!!

Have a wonderful week, my friend!

its so very cheri said...

I just found your blog and added it to my favs. I wanted to let you know I have a GIVE AWAY that ends to day.