Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wild About Mother Nature

I woke up this morning with a terrible migraine after being up all night with my poor sick baby.  But I stumbled upon this blog party and decided to man-up link up instead of crawling back into bed.

Barb over at Grits And Glamour is hosting the first ever Wild About Mother Nature linky party.  I'm a fan of Barb as well as Mother Nature, so why not.

The gist of the party is pretty self-explanatory.  Just snap a pic of anything in your home that has texture or is otherwise nature-inspired.

I just put together this bowl-o-balls in my Living Room and stuck it in a tray on the coffee table along  with a shell and a wicker votive holder.

In the kitchen I replaced the Christmas balls with moss balls and other natury looking thingamabobs.

I think those are fruit wrapped in twine.  Not sure, but I like how it all looks in front of the wicker charger.

Larger moss balls fill matching containers at each end.  I'm a little OCD when it comes to balance.

A grapevine wreath on the top shelf of my kitchen hutch with a burlap bow.

And while typing I just glanced over my shoulder and spotted this in my curio cabinet.

The pic is a little grainy because it's behind glass.  I found this moss-covered container at a yardsale and filled it with more natury thingamagigs and plopped it on top of some antique books.

Thanks to Barb for hosting this fun par-tay, and while you're over there be sure to check out the progress on her home transformation.  Barb's kitchen is the bomb-diggity and was featured in a magazine not long ago.  She's got serious decorating skillllzzzz!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulicious day.


The Midwest Cottage said...

Hey Kim, thanks for stopping by to comment...sometimes I think no one actually reads my blog. I am your newest follower. I love your hutch in all your photos. I hope your migrane goes away. I get those too! I drink lot's and lot's of iced coffee to help. LOL! My son is 2.5 and he is so exhausting most days. I wish I had his energy! Thanks for your sweet comment.

Carolyn@SweetChaos said...

Hope you're feeling better! I love your moss balls. My boys don't seem to understand the concept of "decorative" balls... they end up getting tossed or rolled around until they're too shabby to display :)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I like your touches of nature vignettes. I also like symmetry.
Hope you are having a good week.

CAS said...

I really like all your "natury thingamabobs!" That sounds like a fun party, but I haven't been able to link to any of the parties that I have listed on my current post -- Mr. Linky is not cooperating, & I have no clue why. Sorry you aren't feeling too well. Migraines are nasty.

Thank you for your sweet comments about Avery & about my dining room. Most appreciative, sweet lady!

Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

Yayyy - so happy you did the "man-up" thing and joined in. You got some happening Mother Nature things going on. :) Sorry your baby is sick. I am home with my 2 yr old Grandlove today too. He got that norovirus and he just can't shake it. I get migraines something aweful too when I don't get any sleep. Hope you feel better. Thanks agin for joining up, but I gotta tell you my "magazine kitchen" looks like something out of "National Geo" it looks so bad right now. haha
Blessings, Barb

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Kim, you've got some great nature-inspired decor!! Love the moss balls!! And I spy a cute little piece of silver in the mix!! Love all of your vignettes! Feel better soon!!

Babs said...

Your moss balls look great. I really should make some. They're so pretty and I have moss. I know what you mean about OCD on things being balances. I have to fight the urge to balance everything. I'm getting better at asymmetrical arrangements. I like the moss covered urn on the books too.

Love Of Quilts said...

I hate to hear you have those awful headaches....I had them for years. You have a lot of nice nature pieces to share...I like them all.

Ashley Perry said...

Hey Kim! I'm happy you stopped by! I like your style! I'm happy to follow along. I'm off to read more posts!

Reba and Eldarose, sisters, friends and co-bloggers said...


Love your natural items. I wish I had more of these type items in my house, but I don't think that is the direction I am going. It kills me bc I love this style too!

You are following our blog, so I wanted to let you know we are following you back!

Eldarose from http://RE-inventedstyle.blogspot.com

Linda Leyble said...

HI Kim - Oh boy, now I have to take a pic or two in my house. Good reminder - I have to do a blogpost anyway. I love yours!

I wanted to remind you that I am doing a giveaway - a Handpainted Paint Color Fan Deck...with gorgeous colors. Great for choosing colors becuase you get to see actual painted swatches (instead of pictures of colors).

You are already a follower of my blog - but you have to leave a comment and you can get extra entries if you do a few other things.

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Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love your moss covered urns and all your natural accents that you have placed so meticulously throughout the room...I am loving that pottery bowl on our hutch!..

Tiffany Interiors, LLC said...

New follower!

By Nela said...

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Country Dreaming said...

Lovely. Hope everyone is doing better!