Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Craig's List Weekly Series #7

For those of you who are new to this series, for the last several weeks I've been sharing Craig's List finds from my area, South Jersey/Philadelphia.  Even if you don't live in this area, and most of you don't, I thought it would be fun to show you some interesting and unique pieces and what they are worth.  If you are in the market for rare antiques or just trying to gain a knowledge for what pieces are worth, I strongly suggest you visit Craig's List and scour the antique category.

Most sellers will try to give as much information about a piece as possible.  So as a regular visitor to CL, I've gained a knowledge of terminology and time-period, as well as an understanding of which pieces are rare as opposed to those that are a dime a dozen.  For this series, I'm showing you the ones I think are either rare, very interesting, or an extremely good value.

LOTS to share today peeps.  I almost ran out of paper jotting down notes for this week's installment of Craig's List goodies.  Let's get started!

I always like to mention that I did NOT purchase these items myself.  I did make a CL purchase this week, and I will share a pic of that at the end of this post.

First up, an antique swivel 2-drawer chest on wheels.  I just mentioned in one of my last posts that anything on wheels is valuable.  This chest also has beautiful crystal knobs.  It's listed for $90.

The bottom has striking detail.

A Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Edwardian Settee for $245.

Close-up of the detail.

Loved this accent table for only $30 - round with leather top and gold embossed grates.

A hand-woven oriental rug, 8 x 5, for only $50.

Gorgeous colors.

Maple hutch, $50 or best offer (music to mine ears!)

I  apologize for the kink in your neck....

How 'bout this??  An enameled Magic Chef stove for only $75~

I can see this in Rue's house, from P,B, & J Cottage.

And this adorable rooster shelf would be right at home in Kim's kitchen, over at Savvy Southern Style, don't ya think??

Sorry for the grainy pic - it wasn't my camera! Ha!

And I couldn't help but think of Deb over at DebbieDoos when I spotted this antique fire extinguisher, or as the ad referred to it, "A Vintage Fire Putter Outer" for $50, a very good price!

I would have loved to scoop up this brown storage ottoman for only $25, but it would be breaking my new rule that I always break.  Never buy anything unless I have a place to put it.....yeah right.

But Sweetie, it has storage!  

This piece had me at hello and it's actually a good deal for only $220. A French-carved Satinwood Highboy.

How bout it?  You can wipe the drool off you keyboard now.  I always keep a napkin handy for this sort of thing.

This wrought iron dinette is an excellent deal for only $45.  Even if it's not perfect, it's nothing a can of black spraypaint can't fix!

It looks alot like the one in my kitchen that I paid $75 for last year at auction.  And I thought THAT was a good deal!

A lovely Pine cupboard for only $30.  A STEAL!

Another steal is this antique cabinet with marble top for only $25~ I was Sooooooo tempted to break my silly stupid rule for this one.  But it was gone in a flash.  Gone Baby Gone!

This biscuit box was speakin' my language.  But it was a little over my thrifty budget at $80.

I also fell in love with this Mahogany serving cart with lift-top needlepoint tray for $155.

And to be filed under the "Truly Bizarre" category is this wasp nest for $20.  You see, you really CAN sell anything on Craig's List people.

This came straight from the ad.....
"Has been sprayed with shellac.  It's been hanging in the garage for about 4 years now"...................

Where do I start?  

I know,

4 YEARS???!!!!! HUH??!

And finally, this series would not be complete without....

Do you know what's coming?

Think back......

Keep thinking......

I'll give you a hint.  It's creepy.


Folks, yours for the taking 

The Principles And Practice Of Embalming Handy-Dandy Textbook!!!
Filled with pages of not-so-useful for the Average Joe literature.

And even less-useful but certainly gory, pictures!!!

Truly a bargain at $25.

Included with this deal is the 1948 Funeral Directors Association of Philadelphia Yearbook.  

I see dead people...

I'm assuming the same guy listed this Vintage Mortician Embalming Make-up Kit for $80.  Unless there's some other weirdo out there who thinks there's actually a market for this creepy stuff.  Just sayin'.

Just cause I know you wanna see more.

One more.

You just never know when it might come in handy.  

Just to be clear, that is NOT what I bought.  No, as tempted as I was, I decided my money would be better spent on this.

A chiminea for $50.  It will get lots of use this Summer and I'm pretty sure it was a good buy.

So thanks for stickin' with me.  Enjoy your Hump Day and I'll catch ya next time!



Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Kim...

Girlfriend, I love your Craigslist posts! But I must admit that seeing some of those pretties and the fact that they are so out of reach for pure torture! hehe! Ohhh...I would have swooped up that French highboy in a "New York minute"...and that gorgeous antique marble top cabinet! Great items at fabulous prices!!! And...I love your chiminea! What a great deal at $50!!! Thank you again for sharing these goodies with us...I love it!!!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

ana said...

kim, that white stove is amazing! (and that hive just boggles my mind)..

thanks for dropping by my place the other day :)

~ ana

Kimberly said...

I love the brown storage ottoman. When you look for items what county do you look it? I look in Morris County. I am just wondering if I see something it might be worth the trip!

Crystal said...

Hi Kim,
I definitely needed to go get a napkin to wipe up the drool :0 It has been awhile since I have been out visiting Blogland. You have been quite the busy bee.
I just recently started hearing alot about Craig's list and was wondering how you go about getting on there. Now that you have wet my appetite, my husband may be in for trouble :)
Well, I am off to look at your blog some more. TTFN

Blondie's Journal said...

This was really interesting, Kim! I think I would have been tempted to buy everything with the exception of the wasp nest and the embalming book and kit. How gross!!

Great post! Love your chiminea!


Paula said...

I think that Craigslist could be as addicting as Ebay. The few times that I look in my area, I always see something that I want.

Enjoy your new chiminea. You have a great spot for it on your patio.

Ticking and Toile said...

Hi Kim,
Wow what a great idea w/ the craigslist thing! I've always told my friends & family "give me your budget whether it's 50 or 500 & I can find you what you're looking for!" Isn't it so true? You just never know what someone might throw on there. Great great items you found.


Wendy said...

How are you!! What great and some crazy finds! I can see those items in Kim's and Debbie's home!! I am really liking that table and chairs for an unbelievable price!
We've been a little busy here with ending school, sports and dance! I know you can relate!
Hope you guys are good! Take care!

Turley Times said...

That is a great storage ottoman! We love ours, it's nice to have a convenient place to store blankets and pillows. I was surfin' Craigslist this morning and there was a listing for a garage sale that didn't include the address. Kind of an important detail to include, don't you think??


Anonymous said...

Good golly you make me laugh! smiles.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

That was a ton of fun! especially the embalming kit! I am always tempted by items on Craigs list ,but afraid to go and pick items up from a strangers house!


Donna said...

Wow! I'm heading over to see what's happening at Craig's List in my area! I was scratching my head over the wasp's nest. And the embalming stuff? Eeeew! Something tells me that's not going to sell in the near future :)

Linda said...

Kim~ I love all the goodies~ my favorite is the stove! And your chiminea is wonderful!

Debbie said...

Kim you always show such good stuff.....Yes the fire extinguisher...mine is copper, we scored it for $30.00, love that thing...thanks for the mention:)!~

Kristin said...

This makes me so jealous that I don't live near you...I LOVED that leather storage chest - and the pine hutch! Oh my goodness, what a deal! I was inspired to start looking for a chimenea on CL after seeing that you found yours there. I've been wanting one, and it seems that gas-powered ones are the trend in the stores this year - but I was good old fashioned wood! - Wish me luck :-)

Katie said...

I want to move into your area! Great stuff. Thanks for telling me about your series! Dead people makeup ummm I think I know some people who wear that stuff on a regular basis. ;)

Ames said...

Wow! Wow! and Wow! I'll take the Maple Hutch and the Black Rooster shelf, the rug and that great stove!! Wow!! But I'd definitely pass on the emabalmimg stuff. Way too creepy. Almost like something out of Criminal Minds! You think there's some kind of funky bacteria on those jars?? Yuck! I don't ever think to check Craig's list. Maybe I should, there are definetly some great deals out there! Thanks for sharing and making me wish I had a bigger house :D ~Ames