Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is There An Award For This???

I've seen lots of awards being passed around in Blogland, but is there an award for Stupidity?  If not, I'm gonna make one and give it to myself, cause I deserve it.  Yesterday in the sweltering heat I had a not-as-rare-as-you-might-think stupid attack and decided to spend 8 straight hours (minus half-hour for lunch) working in the yard.
(My pride and joy Weeping Cherry Tree.  Don't know why they're called weeping, she looks pretty happy to me!)

In a burst of energy that my 40-year-old body is now hating me for, I cleaned the crud out of all of the flower beds.

I have lots of 'em too.  Two in front - the one above is where I plant my impatiens.  Just cannot wait to plant them - guess you could say I'm impatient!  Chirp, chirp.  Here in S. Jersey, you really can't plant flowers until May.  Mother's Day is the rule of green thumb.
This is the side of my house where my perennials bloom all Summer long in between those big shrubs.
Like this one here, just starting out for the season.
On the other side are these Azaleas that we planted at least 10 years ago.  Ya think it's time for a change?  They are looking a little lot shabby.

By late afternoon the front and sides of my house were looking pretty good.
My house even looked happy again.

That would have been a good place to stop and call it a day..........

"If I only had a brain".

Why stop there?  So I headed out back, ignoring the throbbing pain in my lower back and blisters on my hands.  Twelve trips back and forth with a loaded wheel barrow will do that to ya.
Here are my planters all cleaned up and waiting to be filled up with lots and lots of color!

I'll be scouring the yard sales for something nice to put on this table.  There is one chair missing here.  That's because it sits all the way in the back at the Chloe memorial, where Mallory goes every day after school to talk to her.
My daylillies popping up.  Over to the right is my Climbing Hydrangea that climbs, but doesn't produce any flowers.  They say it could take up to two years.  This year is five I've been waiting....growing more impatient!
Some hostas creeping out of the ground.  Did you know that these are almost impossible to kill??  I trashed these last year from another spot in the yard and do you know I found them behind the shed yesterday starting to bloom?  So I did the unsensible thing in all of my pain and planted them in a couple bare spots.
My beloved rock garden.  She doesn't look like much now, but in a couple months she looks gorgeous.  That's my hot tub in the background.  Sure wish she was working last night!!!
My mother and father gave us this Lilac bush last year for our anniversary.  When she blooms the fragrance is unbelievable.  That's why I planted her next to my back window.
See that miniature birdbath?  I got her last week at an auction for $20.

Anywhoodle, I finished up by 7 p.m. at which point my toenails and fingernails were encrusted with dirt, and the bottoms of my feet were a nice shade of black.  A hot shower never felt so good.  Used up all the soap too.

Today I can't feel anything from the waist down and I'm slightly hungover from the two cold ones I treated myself to after my shower.  Yep, only two.  I told you I was 40 people!

So all that's left to do now is some mulching, planting, mowing, sodding, seeding.......maybe tomorrow.


Nancy said...

No stupidity award for you, Missy! Just a hard worker award. The yard is really shaping up. You might feel achy now, but you are gonna be so glad later that you got all that done in one day! Good for you!


Kelly Howard said...

Hop over...well, that may may you more sore....walk softly over to my place...please!

Beth in NC said...

Wow, everything looks great! Don't even look over this way. Yikes. Unless you want to come get another workout! :o)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I have to get out and do my yard work this coming weekend. I just hope it's a little cooler {or at least normal temperatures}. I'm on Long Island and I always use the Mother's Day rule for my planting, too. I'll bet you are sore, but it looks great and you'll be glad you got it done already.

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

Whew! That made me tired just reading and looking at the photos! Yep that 40 (err plus here) begins to do a body in. LOL

Nancy's Notes said...

Wow, you were on a fabulous roll! your yard looks beautiful! I hope you are taking the day off today, just to stand in awe of what you accomplished!


stephanie said...

Thanks for that tour of your yard! Can't wait to see it in full bloom!! I think the same person sold us both a climbing hydrangea that never blooms!! I'm still waiting for mine too!! I also have a weeping cherry, one of my favorites!! As I was out driving today it was so amazing to see flowering trees EVERYWHERE I looked! Love them!!

Kimberly said...

Its hot in New Jersey this week isn't it? I hope you got a little color cleaning up that yard. You have a beautiful home. I love your porch! I got some flowers yesterday at Walmart...planted them but need to get a few more. It's too hot today for me to do that~!

Nalamienea said...

Your yard is downright dreamy! I have yard envy. One day I will own a house that's going to be that gorgeous! :)

Sherri Blum, CID said...

Love your yard! How many blisters did you end up with from all that work? I have one huge red one on my hand just from cutting out a little 4'x3' mulch bed yesterday! I wasn't nearly as ambitious as you were. You've got to feel great that the dreaded spring clean up is over!

Casual (dash) Cottage said...

My goodness... what a yard.

love the plants that you showcased. The there is an idea... here in Texas, come summer, I could probably grow me some rocks.
You be sure and show us more pictures when everthing is at it's best!
(of course, it all looks neat as pin now)

sissie said...

You sound like me. When you want something done, you want it all right now!
Just don't wear yourself out so much!


Tina said...

I know you are paying for it today lovely, but wow it looks fantastic and hopefully when the aching stops you can look at your garden and will be so glad you just went for it!! Yay to you for all your hard work my dear!! Hope you get to take it easy today ~ Tina x

Linda said...

Wow, you DID do a lot of work, but OH how beautiful your home looks! Such gorgeous curb appeal!!

Jill said...

You are hilarious! Hey, I planted a climbing hydrangea last summer. So, you're tellin me not to expect any blooms? Bummer. I never knew of anyone else that had one until now. :-) Your yard looks great!...I hope you can feel your lower half again soon! hee-hee!