Sunday, March 1, 2009

Give-Away Alert!

While browsing all of your beautiful blogs, watching the snow fall outside, I noticed that Cynthia of Cynthia's Cottage Design is having a give-away for a lucky blogger. She has an online shop (check out her blog) where she sells some of her shabby chic cottage items, some of them are homemade by Cynthia herself!! I've checked out her store myself and some of her things are to die for. Better yet, pretty soon she'll be selling cottage furniture on her site as well (can't wait for that!). Her giveaway will be one of her handmade vintage signs. So head on over to to see what I'm talkin about! Thanks Cynthia!


Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Hello Kim! I came over from Laurie's bargainhunting blog to say hi! I love the way you've arranged those adorable mirrors! So, you're up in New Jersey, I think we got some of your weather this weekend! Snow is a novelty here in southwest TN! But next weekend it's supposed to be 70*! Our spring flowers never know what to do! Wanted to congratulate you on your first award! I'm pretty new to this too and received my first award last week. Doesn't it make you feel like one of the girls now?! Everyone is so sweet and it's really uplifting to be able to share with people you'd never in your life be able to meet
otherwise! God Bless! Lauralu :)

Melissa Miller said...

Sounds wonderful!
I'll check it out. :)