Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

The Letter K

I found this at Dreams In Pink - too cute to pass up! Thanks Elizabeth!
Btw - it's alot harder than it looks!!!!

Okay - You ready to play a game? Because this was lots of fun and so, I'm inviting you to play along, share it and pass it along, cuz "...girls just want to have fu-Un, YEAH, girls, just want to have funnnnnnn!"

Thank you Just Be Happy's blog. Here are the Rules: Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. They have to be real places, real names, etc... Try to use different answers if you have the same initial as someone who has already done this. You cannot use you own name for the boy/girl question. Ready?... Set?... GO!!!

1. What is your name? Kim
2. A four letter word? Kite
3. A boy's name? Kyle
4. A girl's name? Kristen
5. An occupation? Knitter
6. A colour? Khaki
7. Something you wear? Kilt
8. A beverage? Kool Aid
9. A food? Kellogg's Cereal
10. Something found in the bathroom? Krypton (couldn't think of anything else)
11. Movie? Kalifornia
12. Celebrity? Kim Catrall
13. Sport? Karate
14. A place? Kentucky
15. A pet? Kitty

Play along if you want!


Happy To Be said...

GM Kim...I got this in an Email one and it was not as easy as it looks..Loved this is was FUN...Hugs and smiles Dear friend...Gl♥ria

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for stopping by and visiting! Cute post, I will have to try this one.

I can't help it, I posted another Spring inspired post, stop by and see! Hope your week is just lovely so far...
Donna Lynn

Cathy said...

Hi Kim,
I am always up for a brain teaser, this looks fun. I am hooked on intellegent tests for some odd reason. If you want a challenge try taking the Mensa one.
Also thanks for your kind words about RMS. I agree blogging is more rewarding, and creative. I am enjoying myself in blog land the other bloggers have been great.

Bo said...

Hi Kim...this is a fun thing to do...I did it once & was as naughty with my answers as I could be...shame on me...LOL