Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Snake, A Sign and A Score!

This past weekend was full of surprises of all different kinds.  I came home from yardsaling to find a huge snake in my back yard!  Thank goodness my dad is an expert at wildlife and was able to put him back into the woods for us.

No sirree this was not your average garden snake!

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Thanks Dad for coming to the rescue!!

I also scored big on the yardsale circuit Sat. with some great finds, both for me and my Etsy store!
The first find of the day was this game table.  Denise talked the seller down from $20 to $15.  It's got great detail.

Beautiful leather top.

This sweet vintage magazine holder is going to be for sale on my Etsy store.

Isn't she pretty?
This is my favorite find of the day!  A bamboo plant stand for only $4!!! Can you "stand" it???
LOVE her!!!  For now I'm going to put her in storage until our back patio gets a new roof.

Also have some exciting news to share with my bloggy friends.  Denise and I have been thinking about having a booth at a local market and were just looking for a sign that the time was right.  Well, thanks to Laura at Finding Home, we got our sign.

My hubby and I have been teaching 3rd Grade Sunday School in the same room of our church for years, yet I didn't notice this sign until last week.

It struck a chord with me because Turtles have special meaning to me.  I had a rough childhood and my Dad, who is also a middle child, always called me his turtle.  We had our own mantra - "The turtle always wins the race" he would tell me.  Dad started giving me turtles he brought home from his travels with my Mom and I now have a collection.  The saying on the sign was a reference to turtles I had never heard before and I loved it!

Imagine my shock when I was blogging that same night and came across Laura's post about her first home show.  At the end of her post, Laura mentioned this exact same saying about turtles.  In fact, her post was called "Turtle Signs"!  I had just told Denise that same weekend that we need to start praying that God would give us a sign if the time was right for us to have a show.  Well, if this isn't a sign from God I don't know what is!  So thanks again to Laura and of course to my Lord for His greatness.

Denise and I are so excited to get started.  Our first show will hopefully be in Sept. giving us the whole Summer to prepare.  We've already started accumulating lots of vintage goodness to sell and hubby helped us make our first corkboard, which will be for sale too.

This thing is huge and has lots of gorgeous detail.  I'm thinking about aging the frame a bit, but not sure yet.

That's all for now!  Thanks for stopping by.  Today I'm also guest-posting for Traci at Beneath My Heart for her "Help, I'm Moving" series.  Stop by Traci's blog to see my post about Craig's List!



Kimberly said...

That is a HUGE snake! WOW!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

OMG! I don't know what I would have done if I had seen that in my yard, Kim! That thing is huge! On to nicer subjects ~ congrats on your decision and your wonderful finds.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

That is a big snake!! I know some snakes are suppose to be harmless, but I don't want to be around any of them.
Good luck in your new business venture.

Wanda said...

What a snake!!! You will never regret you decision to follow your desires...Your summer will go by fast and I wish you the best with your choice. God is Good! Wanda

Ms. Bake-it said...

What great finds! I especially love the game table and frame.

Well, your snake makes mine look like a baby! A black racer is apparently living near my papaya trees. As I went to check on my ripening papayas he slithered under the fence. Luckily, I am not afraid of snakes!

Congratulations and good luck!

~ Tracy

Tynk said...

Those are some really great finds!! (Just not the snake.. ewww!!)

Marigene said...

The whole country would have heard me screaming if that snake had been in my back yard!

Love that beautiful game table.

Liz said...

Holy Cow! That snake is gigantic! But, you did get some great finds!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

*love* the bamboo stand....I have been wanting bamboo pieces from the fifties lately.....hmmmmm....

Emily Joyce said...

Wow, that is a scary snake!

I'm excited for you and Denise! Isn't it crazy how God works? :) I'm sure it will be a great learning experience and opportunity for you.

Linda said...

Congrats on your new exciting venture, Kim! That snake is huge...what kind was it?

Paula said...

I know that that snake is harmless, but my-oh-my is he big! Your dad is a brave man to handle him. Blah!

Congratulations on your new business!

Becca said...

Ewwwwwwwwwww !! That dinosaur that your dad got is just plain scary !!

But, your new pieces are NOT ... love them. Fabulous corkboard, too !!

Tiff said...

Now that is a snake! We used to get loads... Before we moved... once I made the snake catcher take the back of the oven off in order to catch one in our guesthouse! You are lucky to have such a great dad! Great finds, I love that planter too! X

Jemsmom said...

Yeah Kim!!! Your new venture will be outstandingly successful. I just know it! I am really happy for you!

That is not just a snake. That is a BIG!!!! We have snakes, but I haven't seen one that big! Jeez... the head on that thing is huge. My husband would have screamed like a girl and then tried to chop it into 15 pieces! Your dad has some guts!

Traci said...

I would've freaked completely out! The last couple of summers we've been having snake visitors to our yard too. None as big as yours but big enough! There was a 5.5 ft. long one in my neighbors driveway earlier this week. YUCK!

xinex said...

OMG, that is a freaky snake. Looks like a cottonmouth, is it? Your dad is brave. Love all your finds!...Christine