Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rule #1 in Blogging: Know Your Gifts

About once a year, Pastor Jerry does a sermon on knowing what Godly gifts we are given. We all have one, but not everyone is able to figure out what their gift is on his or her own. So in our church, each person in the congregation gets a little questionnaire, which, after checking off all of your interests/talents will reveal your Godly gift.

My Godly gift is the gift of teaching. Rich and I have been teaching Third Grade Sunday School for a number of years now, and it's something I can't imagine my life without.

It has brought me so much joy and I've learned so much from these precious children.

That is the point of knowing your gift - so that you may use it to serve God, your church, your church family and also to grow as a Christian.

For some that gift may be in the technological realm. Those people serve by making power points of upcoming church events that are shown during worship each Sunday morning. For others their gift may be planning and organizing. God uses these servants to plan the church picnic or Vacation Bible School.

Just as teaching SS and serving God has changed my life, I have also been forever changed by blogging. This may seem like a strange comparison, but it's true. Blogging has taught me alot about myself. For instance, just as I never knew how much I could influence a child, I never knew I could be so fascinated by spray paint. I've also met some of the most amazing women while blogging. How could I become so "close" to someone I've never even met face to face? Blogging has also helped me to learn that it's way more fun to give than to receive? How many times have I seen "giveaways" in Blogland? It's amazing isn't it? All of these women so generously offering the most wonderful goodies, just for fun? Just for the sheer joy of giving? It's all about giving!

But perhaps the single most important thing I've learned from blogging, is to know what my blogging gifts are. In essence, knowing my limitations. Let me clarify. When I first started blogging several months ago, I was completely swept away for a good month or two. My husband was sure he would never spend quality time with me again, the children wondered when mommy was going to start making dinner, or if they would even get dinner. To say I was a little distracted would be the understatement of the millenium. The tablescapes, the before and afters, the recipes, the how-to's and tutorials, give-aways galore and parties, parties, parties! I partied more in the first month of blogging than in my entire 4 years in college (okay, 4 1/2). It became more than just a hobby, but a new way of life. I was more frugal than ever and determined to transform my home on a budget by transforming boring furniture into sheer works of art. Soon after, I was buying napkin rings, tablecloths and flatware by the truckload at yardsales, thrift stores or on clearance at BB & B. "They don't match" my friends would say. Even betta! That would make an even more interesting tablescape! One stop at Tootsie's blog, and I was convinced I could morph my average yard into the Garden of Eden. And visiting Na-Da Farm had me believing that I could serve my family a dinner that consisted of only those ingredients that had been organically grown in my own backyard oasis of fresh fruit and vegetables.

If only...

If only tablescaping was my blogging gift.
It's not.
My one feeble attempt at tablscaping was using only things I had purchased at the Dollar Store.

And would you believe that dear, sweet Susan at Between Naps on the Porch was gracious enough to leave me the most thoughtful comment? Love that lady!
Unfortunately, a tablescape in my home looks a little

Btw, that's homework on the left at 3 p.m. flanked by leftover breakfast from 8 a.m.

If only gardening was my blogging gift.
It's not.
My annuals have long since given way to weeds. The newly planted shrubs cried, "there's a fungus amongus!" and the climbing vine that never climbed was overtaken by Japanese beetles.

Sadly, I never worked up the nerve to publish the "Pardon My Garden" post.

If only being "green" was my blogging gift.
It's not.
Annemarie, you may want to look away at this point, if you're even still here. The only positive thing I can say about dinner last night is that there was no MSG - at least not that I know of.

Would anyone like a fortune cookie?

Organic? No. Easy? Youbetcha!

Now don't think for a nanosecond that I will stop visiting, Susan's, Tootsies', and Annemarie's blogs, or the blogs of the many other incredible women who continue to inspire me every day with their wit, wisdom and insight into all things domestic. I live for Thursdays and a chance to enjoy one of Susan's gorgeous tablescapes. And there's nothing quite like grabbing a cup of joe (organic, of course) and relaxing with Nada Farm Life with Annemarie. It's like going back to a simpler time, a simpler place. Thank you Annemarie. And finally Toots, well, just start thinking of a name for your show on HGTV! I'll always be your #1 Fan!

I guess besides wondering if there is an end in site to this post, you may be asking yourself "So does this chick have a gift or what?" SILLIES!! Of course I do! You'll just have to wait for another post to find out what it is ;)


Country Dreaming said...

Life is funny,don't you think?
Since i've been blogging I have realized in wonderment how soooo many of can be alike in soo many ways.
We live our lives,go to work,talk to people and probably never realize truly how much in common you have with people. It's funny that blogging has taught me that.
I love it when I'm reading someone's blog and think "I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that
or thinks like that."
God has given us many many gifts-I think we just get caught up in life and forget we have them.
Can't wait to see what your gift is!!!

Stop by sometime I'm having a


Blondie's Journal said...

I don't think blogging changed anything about me that I wasn't already, it just sort of allowed me to break loose and share my interests... You can have a garden, but it won't look like Tootsies. You can do a tablescape, but it won't be like Susan's. And such is life. To me it is trying to catch what is thrown at me, look at it and then decide if I am in the game...but I'm sure enough, okay, old enough, to know that it's all for fun and we shouldn't try to keep up with the Joneses.

Have fun!!!!! :-)


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Girl you have the great gift of giving to everyone you visit with your kind comments...and girl I don't know where I fit...I just did a post on this yesterday...Hope all is well in your world my friend....God Bless you...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Anonymous said...

I think your gift is making everyone feel welcome and relaxed with your posts. You come across as that kind of person :o)

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

Hey there girlie!
I loved this post. It's actually something I've been thinking about lately too. What is my blogging purpose, so to speak. Why am I here? Am I saying and doing the right things.

Have a wonderful week!


P.S. While you were here breaking in and taking pictures of my table and back yard, why didn't you wait so we could have coffee?! Silly girl! ;)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great post! And great timing - I was thinking the other day I should do a post on why I started blogging and started making notes, but never got around to doing it.
Your table looks better than mine does right now. :) At least yours is covered up in food - mine is covered up in beads, chains, jewelry making tools, a laptop, stacks of papers, and the list goes on.

Sharlotte said...

Hi Kim,
I could say "ditto" to all you've written. After I figured out the blogging lingo and set up my own blog, I was HOOKED! I love it. I love reading about everyones adventures, their tutorials, their parties, etc...

I have gotten better about not being on my computer 24/7. But it's not easy. Blogging is just a super fun way to learn and make new friends.

I think you have many talents...writing is definitely one of them. I love your posts...

Thanks so much for sharing!

Laura said...


I wish I had written this.
How did you know what I was thinking/feeling?

You are a very special lady and you are our DAILY GIFT.

Thank goodness.


Jen R. said...

You are you and that is an awesome enough gift by itself!

Queenie said...

Hey Kim,
I just loved this post and it's so true! We do each and every one, have a gift. Our gifts may not be the same as our friends, neighbors, colleages, or family, but God gifted us each in some special way.
You are gifted in many many ways my friend, and I look forward to seeing more of your creativity! What a wonderful difference you are making in the lives of those precious is amazing the things that children can teach us too! I just have to say that your heart really shows through in every one of your posts...I think you are a gifted writter too! You keep it real and that's always fun! Here's a toast to keeping it real! Hope you have a great week!
Big Hugs,

Stacey said...

I Love This Post! I have felt exactly the same way. Finally decided that my gift might just be that I can be a friend to people. Love your perspecitive girl!

Lee Laurie said...

I love this post! I have felt like this too and I know that my kids have. My little boy said to me one time, "Mom why are you always on the laptop"!? That made me realize that he wanted me to spend more time with him. Now if he sees my computer on he goes over to it and reads what I've been looking at and says things like..."She made cookies just like me and you" or "she has your same dishes"! Oh no! I think I might be creating a monster!?

I love to blog and I have met so many sweet ladies here. You being one of them.

Lee Laurie

Queenie said...

Good Morning Kim!
Guess what? You are the winner in my 100th Post Giveaway! Come over and see when you get the chance. Okay?! Congratulations!
Big Hugs,

Queenie said...

By the way... my email address is

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Kim! Ha! for some reason, I've never even attempted table scaping! Do you think maybe it's because I've had 4 boys (and 1 husband) who never noticed anything except if there was enough food?! I once tried to have candles and they were all (not husband) sticking their fingers in the wax and flame and seeing who could blow out the candles, etc! Well, I was doing good just to get them fed! Ha! ♥